Yummy Workshop is moving!

Dear Readers,

Yummy Workshop has now become self-hosted, not hosted on WordPress anymore. This blog is now https://yummyworkshop.wordpress.com and its content has been moved to http://www.yummyworkshop.com New content will be added to yummyworkshop.com it contains printable recipes and some new features. Check it out! If you would like to subscribe through email, please subscribe to the new website on the sidebar. The new layout is very similar to the old one so it should be very easy to find recipes! Thank you for your support and hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy sharing them!



Finally published my Blog

I have been thinking about making my own food blog for a long time, and I finally did it! Though there are only a few posts right now, I am hoping to populate it with my recipes, cooking and food related experiences! I am a blogging newbie, I see this as a learning experience for writing, taking good photos of food and a bit of designing. Please support my blog if you would like to read more! 8)